We have been reluctant to include qualifications in this site until now because it appears to go against the Budoka attribute of humility.

With the establishment of the New Zealand Martial Arts Institute (Inc), whose task it is to promote the development and acquisition of genuine and authentic grades by martial artists, and to discourage the activities of those who use false grades to deceive their students and the public, it now seems proper to display qualifications so that prospective students may evaluate the quality of instruction likely to be received at Samurai-Arts.

Knowing that there have been inappropriate gradings issued in New Zealand by some organisations for many decades it was my wish to learn from the world’s foremost experts and to obtain grades and titles that would present themselves as being beyond dispute.

All qualifications displayed below have been genuinely obtained by the authorities shown

Most recent diplomas were issued by Soke Richard Morris, 10th Dan, President of Jiu-Jitsu International, countersigned by Soke Jan Erik Karlsson 10th Dan Soke, Sweden and Olu Bamgbose 9th Dan Hanshi and presented in person in New Zealand by Soke Auvo Niiniketo 10th Dan Jujutsu and Risto Väntär, 8th Dan Hanshi

Membership Certificate for NZMAI