Where & When

Training Details

Top Floor, Advocate Print Building,
248 Fenton Street,Rotorua

Samurai-Swordsmanship 5.30pm
Regular Ju-Jutsu/Self-Defence class, Mixed Adult – Tuesdays & Thursdays 6.00pm

For safety min age is 14 years, no upper age limit

Dojo Rules and Traditional Japanese Protocols Apply. Details shown on “rules” page of this site. All rules are for safety,
hygiene and to maintain discipline

What to wear: Loose fitting clothes
(white cotton uniform can be purchased through club)

New Students are welcome to bring a friend if you can but not essential. We have a group of highly supportive members who will help you achieve your objectives. You will be made to feel welcome, in a non-threatening atmosphere.

In 2020 will be implementing regular monthly weekend seminars. Other martial arts clubs welcome to attend for $20 fee per person

General: Martial arts are not about hurting people. They develop Confidence, Fitness, Comradeship, Self-Discipline, Flexibility, Mobility, Coordination, Self Reliance and Dependability. In short, they develop health and character and provide everything you can get at a gym plus teach a form of self defence that may
one day save your life or somebody else’s.
Fees: $40 per month by direct credit
$30 for students and beneficiaries
Discounts for families

Contact: Drop in to the dojo on a training night, send an email to the address below or call Steve on 0275330297 : enquiries@samurai-arts.co.nz


Last night or training in 2019 will be Thursday 19 December
First night or training 2020 will be Tuesday 21st January
May be sessions by arrangement between these dates.