Jiu-Jitsu International

Jiu Jitsu International is a non-political body established by Soke Richard Morris in 1984 to promote authentic Japanese budo around the world. While the organisation has exceptional strengths in the art of Jiu-Jitsu, other martial disciplines have recognised its governance structure as being honest, fair and dedicated to raising the standards of martial arts and of martial artists. For this reason other styles have chosen to join their organisations with Jiu-Jitsu International for mutual benefit.

Today, Jiu Jitsu International is represented in a large number of countries worldwide and has many thousands of members. Samurai-Arts have the honour of representing JJI in New Zealand and Australia. Membership enquiries by clubs or individuals are welcomed through our “Contact-Us” page.

JJI can assist local organisations by providing technical support, organisational support, instructor training, seminars and logistical support in the form of recognised procedures for grading and promotion of students, and the certification and ratification that is subsequently required.

Samurai-Arts is currently organising a trip to attend the Jiu-Jitsu International 2009 European Seminar. enquiries are welcome.

Please see below for graphical information illustrating How Jiu-Jitsu International may be able to assist you or your organisation.