This is an event no martial artist can afford to miss, regardless of rank or style.

Samurai-Arts have handpicked two of the world’s very best instructors to come to New Zealand and conduct a
GrandMaster Summit”
The image below briefly profiles the invited instructors – they are all the best in their respective fields.
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Event Detail

Whatever your art – Karate, Judo, Aikido, Ju-Jutsu, BJJ, Kobudo, Krav Maga, TKD or a modern derivation, the content will be relevant to your training.
All of the elements of combat will be covered from Kicking, Striking, Strangulation, Kickboxing, Aiki concepts, locking, controlling, throwing and grappling on the ground.

Modern Budo such as Aikido, Judo, Karate and even TKD evolved from the traditional martial arts of Bujutsu. Much can be learned by learning traditional concepts and how to apply them to modern situations. Centuries old combat principles can be applied to modern day settings.

This event supports local Kiwi instructors’ past efforts by maintaining the flow of overseas knowledge and expertise to New Zealand. This is how martial arts came here at the outset. We now accelerate this process by bringing the best overseas instructors here to grow and develop New Zealand’s martial arts community. Whether you are an organisation, an instructor or a student, this seminar will place you firmly on a path to success in martial arts.

Why should you attend Kobujutsu Taikai?

  • Meet and learn from the best of the martial arts world
  • Better understand the origins of Judo, Aikido, Karate, BJJ to fine tune your arsenal
  • Find new applications for what you already know
  • Introduction to security and body-guarding, some military applications, but the final content will be the decision of the instructors
  • Judo, Aikido, Karate, Jujutsu and TKD  skills  adapt to become a streetwise arsenal of self-defence
  • Establish international relationships, to be developed and built upon later
  • Gain an understanding of martial arts that would be impossible to obtain anywhere else at a single event
  • Improve yourself while networking with like-minded passionate martial artists
  • No gradings on this occasion but attendees seeking to gain a world recognised rank will receive advice on how best to plan their training

Entry Fee:$150.00 per person. Reduce costs by carpooling and by booking accommodation early. Booking an air B&B for a larger group might cut costs.
Individual clubs registering 10 or more paying attendees from that club, will receive one free ticket for the the club instructor.

Venue: – Budokan Dojo, 163 – 167 Lake Road, Rotorua
Date: – April 6th & 7th 2024.
Instructors: – Have their air tickets and are preparing for this event.

What to do: – Registration & Payment

Register Now! . Registered attendees will be the first to be advised of developments via the Kobujutsu Taikai Facebook Group. The above form should be used for all registrations right up until the seminar date.
Participation certificates will be prepared for those registered and who attend both days. We may not have time to prepare certificates for registrations within 2 weeks of the event as they need to be printed.

Payment: ASB Account Samurai-Arts NZ 12-3155-0271271-00. Reference : Your name Then kindly fill in the form on this page to complete registration.

Please share all Kobujutsu Taikai information widely – to give martial artists, instructors and organisations the opportunity to capitalise on this opportunity to take martial arts to the next level. The more that attend, the more everybody gains from the seminar.

What attendance will do for you and for martial arts in New Zealand
Many of our top local martial arts instructors have achieved success by traveling overseas and spending a fortune in time, money, travel & tuition costs to study under the great martial artists of the world. This event provides an introduction to the same level of training, the same quality of knowledge and the same rewards that others have gained for themselves by having an open mind and a hunger for knowledge…..but at a fraction of the cost. This seminar demonstrates what top international martial arts instructors can offer to you and your colleagues. It places New Zealand, and you, firmly on the world stage as a recipient of the best that martial arts has to offer. It will set you and your club up for future development and future achievement.

Kobujutsu Taikai translates to: Martial Arts Summit

Facebook: Discussion on this event can take place on our Kobujutsu Taikai Facebook Group set up to discuss the event – also “like” the Samurai-Arts Facebook page to keep abreast of progress and other martial arts matters.