Ladies can do amazing things!

New Ladies Courses Starting !

Suitable for Ladies 14 yrs and above – no upper age limit. 10 weeks duration.

Tuesday Evenings 6.00pm at 22 Hamiora Place, Rotorua.
Just turn up on time – no need to enquire, but if you prefer the email link is just below.
Fees – $20 per month for students and $40 per month for employed adults

Please contact Dave at:

Can Women do it?

The perception is that martial arts training is a man’s domain. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many exceptional female martial artists training in a variety of styles. On this page you will see photograph of a dynamic female athlete who received Black Belt in Jujutsu and with whom our sensei trained in Switzerland in the 1990’s.
While it is a challenge for woman to achieve black belt status, it is also a challenge for men to reach this level, but these photos prove that it is by no means impossible for either. Anything worthwhile demands effort, no matter what it is. If you put in effort and determination and train seriously, you will see the results.

What are the benefits?

Physical activity, regardless of what it is has enormous health benefits. It increases the metabolic rate, improves circulation and fitness, burns energy, increases strength and endurance and with proper diet and exposure to sunshine can even assist in increasing bone density. All of these are factors in improving health over the longer term.

In addition to physical health benefits, martial arts training goes beyond other styles of exercise to provide physical and mental skills that can improve confidence and calmness. This comes from a gradual improvement your ability to defend yourself as well as from incremental gains in overcoming small and significant challenges.

You will train with a number of other students who will have lesser or greater skills than yourself. They will help you and you will help them to progress. Our style of martial art can be very physical but it is not about proving anything to anybody. All students are there to improve their current skill level. We test each other and present obstacles to be overcome, but the objective for everybody is a positive one – to leave the training room a little better for the experience. Safety and trust are important and all students are encouraged to train with a positive attitude and to build on training experiences. Friendship and mutual respect are the outcomes of this form of training.

Safety is paramount.

Non-Specific Benefits:
The newcomer to martial arts uses the body in many unfamiliar ways, and sometimes in demanding ways. This activity improves dexterity, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, reflexes, power and physical & mental resilience.

Women have the option of doing a special ladies self-defence course or training in the mixed class where a variety of techniques are learned and opportunity to train with both men and women is available

In ancient Japan samurai-women also developed considerable skill – this woman is defending against 2 attackers and has caused one attackers sword to dissolve in flames