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Product Specifications

Action Martial Arts Supplies source a variety of martial arts products from various suppliers.


Some products are of vastly superior quality. Examples of these are Pro-Budo White Oak weapons made from genuine Shirokashi. These are intended for the experienced martial artist who wants a product that will serve its purpose for extended duration. Pro Budo export to Japan to compete with Japanese made products and are specified by many leading experts in the USA and Europe.


Another example of superior quality products are our new range of uniforms about to be released onto the New Zealand market. We have supplied our manufacturer with technical drawings of the superior finish required for Action Martial Arts Supplies’ Uniforms.

All new shipments of uniforms will be manufactured to this superior specification, which will rival the quality of the world’s best martial arts uniform manufacturers at a fraction of the price.

To illustrate the stitching detail , we show the 4 Size Charts and 17 Product Drawings below. Please scroll down to see all.

To improve your buying power, current stock will be sold at a discount as we transition to the new specification. Older stock is still of good quality, and comparable to other products on the market, but the latest specification goes just that bit further to exceed what is currently available on the New Zealand market. Martial Arts Wins ! The Customer Wins!

Please see Indicative Size Charts for our new range below – use only as a guide

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Uniform Construction

As our stocks are replenished, uniform construction will progressively become as depicted in diagrams below. This should give customers confidence in our quality, so they can be assured that the uniform they purchase is suitable for the intended application.
Naturally, uniforms with heavier fabric weights and additional stitching can be expected to last longer, or to be more suitable for demanding applications.

Action uniforms are fully guaranteed, provided they are used and cared for correctly. Inspect on arrival and advise if you have concerns.

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_01

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_02

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_03

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_04

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_05

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_06

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_07

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_08

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_09

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_10

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_11

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_12

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_13

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_14

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_15

Action uniform Product drawings-920-07_Page_16

Investing in a heavier grade of uniform at the outset can provide you with a garment that is more rugged and durable over the longer term. Important – take care of your uniform

Wash Cold, Dry Cool, Keep Dry